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Show wood in bathroom!

25 Jul 2019

You want to use wood in your bathroom? This is quite possible.

Here are some information that can help you.

Don’t be afraid of moisture!

It is, of course, essential that the wood in your bathroom be moisture resistant.

Each wood species belongs to one of the five classes;

  • Class 1: Dry wood or wood subjected to a moisture content always less than 20%.
  • Class 2: Wood dry or occasionally subjected to a moisture content exceeding 20%.
  • Class 3: Wood frequently subjected to a moisture content exceeding 20%.
  • Class 4: Wood always subjected to humidity above 20%.
  • Class 5: Wood in permanent contact with water.


So, in your bathroom, it is better to choose a wood class 3 to 5.

Did you know that there are species of wood that do not rot?These include:

  • Teak, exotic wood;
  • Ipé
  • red cedar


Here are materials that will blend perfectly with wood in a bathroom.

  • Concrete
  • Ceramics
  • The stone


Here are some tips to preserve the beauty of the wood in your bathroom:
- Air your space daily, as often as possible.
- For cleaning, use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching wood
- Oil the wood about once a year.

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